Ysoft SafeQ

Supports your print governance requirements for security, mobility, sustainability and cost efficiency to better meet your managed print services (MPS) program.

Open Bee™ Portal: Document Management Solution (DMS)

Open Bee™ solutions set you free of all the constraints related to paper document processing and help you optimise all your document-based processes.

Ricoh Document Management structures and centralizes data

Data enters your business from multiple touch points ¡ª hardcopy documents, emails, faxes, images and more. Ricoh's Document Management takes unstructured data in multiple formats and organizes it so that it¡¯s accessible and searchable. A central repository keeps digital and scanned paper files in one convenient place. Reduce information bottlenecks and get your information where it needs to go.

Ricoh Total Green Office Solutions

Ricoh is on top of the latest developments in sustainability, offering a balanced mix of software, services, hardware and change management, based on validated research. Ricoh¡¯s consultancy services help to reduce the CO2 emissions and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) from document production. Our sustainability optimization programme offers immediate and measurable results in five steps.

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